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When President Obama announced the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative during his State of the Union address in January 2016, he set lofty goals for oncology professionals. One of those goals called for increased access to and participation in clinical trials. Clinical trial data are integral in getting cutting-edge treatments to market, where they can help improve cancer care. However, many patients aren’t fully educated about the efficacy of these new forms of treatment and what these trials entail.
Healthcare Technology
In 1909, Nikola Tesla, renowned scientist and Thomas Edison’s long-time rival, predicted that future generations would possess the power to “transmit wireless messages all over the world so simply that any individual can own and operate his own apparatus.”

Cancer prehabilitation is a whole-person approach to quality cancer care. Along with potential physical gains, patients who participate in cancer prehabilitation (interventions started prior to cancer therapies) may also benefit emotionally and socially. The Case of the Deconditioned Patient focused on the physical benefits Frank experienced as a result of attending prehabilitation before he had surgery for lung cancer. Frank’s psychological gains were no less impressive.

I was more than a bit nervous to make the call. After all, she was a biology professor and knew more about life on a cellular level than I could possibly fathom. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. And I was calling to educate her?

Let's take the time to celebrate National Nursing Week, which falls from May 6–12, 2016. Not by eating ice cream or having dinners—although we can do that too—but by enhancing and elevating our own nursing practice.
A person with adequate health literacy has the ability to access, understand, and act on health-related information. Safety and quality can suffer when a person is limited in any one of these components.
Women account for nearly a quarter of million cancer deaths every single year. Early this year, the American Cancer Society (ACS) reported nearly 250,000 breast cancer diagnoses in women. Despite these staggering numbers of diagnoses and deaths, women account for more than 6.3 out of the 11.7 million Americans living with cancer.
Nurse Educators
ONS looks to nurse educators and thanks them for the great service they provide members and nurses around the world. ONS facilitators teach courses that provide incredible learning opportunities to oncology nurses looking to raise the level of care they provide to patients with cancer.

On one of the first warm spring days in St. Louis, I came home and found my active dog, Maggie, sound asleep and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Like many humans, she was taking pleasure in a beautiful day and found it relaxing. As the summer approaches, many will spend much more time outside. Despite the inviting nature of a warm day, there are still hidden dangers. 

Do you remember that moment when you recited the Nightingale Pledge? Although antiquated in language, the modified Hippocratic Oath, written in 1893, still rings true in many ways today. I recall the weightiness of those words. As reiterated in the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses (2015), nurses are expected to hold those values and ethical principles in the highest regard and should afford them to all people. This is quite a responsibility for even the most seasoned nurse. Moreover, oncology nurses are often faced with issues that test ethical and moral principles.


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